What is the Cascade Tool?

The Cascade Tool is a registration funnel that compares user information with multiple offers to match them with the best offer within the FFN network.

How does it work? 

As you send traffic, the tool looks at basic registration information such as email addresses and compares it to site-specific databases in succession. As the user goes through the registration process, the real magic happens behind the scenes as the tool checks the user’s information to see if they have previously registered on the site. If we find the member has registered on site #1, the tool will send the member to site #2. If the member has registered on site #2, the tool will send the member to site #3, and so on until all options have been exhausted.

Five great reasons to start using the Cascade Tool today! 

5. Generate more revenue with the same amount of traffic.

4. Increase your click-to-free ratio. Once your link is set up, it takes just a few short weeks to see the increased conversions.

3. Set-up time can take as little as one or two minutes on default Cascades; just choose your PIDs and SubIDs.

2. Push both Dating and Cams so you can better understand what vertical your traffic is best suited for.

1. The top reason you should be using the Cascade Tool is the multiple channel sales funnel. You can test your traffic across multiple offers, which not only provides users with some much-needed variety, but also allows us to optimize and target offers that perform best with your traffic.

When should I use the Cascade Tool in my promotion vs. a standard link?

Generally, we recommend using some form of optimization, such as the ALPO tool over standard link structures. As for the Cascade Tool, we think many different traffic types will succeed with the enhanced registration funnel.

Business development experts Paul Hoang and Kalyn Sanders believe media buyers will do very well having this technology at their disposal. Media Buyers should consider using banner ads, pop-ups, native ads, push notifications, and SMS on mobile or desktop.

How can I set up Cascade today?

If you have any questions or would like to set up Cascade, reach out to one of our affiliate managers directly.

Courtney at [email protected]

Paul at [email protected]

Hiyas at [email protected]

Steve at [email protected]


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