FriendFinder Network is always trying to stay ahead of the pack. Our team has gone live with the freshly redesigned custom thumbnail banner. You can create anywhere from a row of profiles to a full page. The thumbnail banner lets you control just about every feature shown on the profile such as banner title, size, color, landing page and so much more. The thumbnail banner also auto detects users language and geo location which helps further improve the click through rate.   

Customize your banner to best fit your needs! You can check out a few custom banners we made below. 

If you’d like any help getting a few customized please reach out to your affiliate manager or our support team. 

Banner available for, All cobrands,,, 


Banner location: Promotional Tools > Banners > Customizable > Custom Thumbnails




Contact your affiliate manager if you have any questions.

Courtney at [email protected]

Paul at [email protected]

Hiyas at [email protected]


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